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Business Cybersecurity Bundled Course - Base Price

These business cybersecurity courses explore a variety of topics, including how to recognize, and protect against cyber threats and attacks.

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Business Cybersecurity Microlearning Videos - Free

This bundle of 8 free videos highlights important cyber security threats.

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Enterprise Risk Management - Base Price

Covers what risk is and overviews the practice of enterprise risk management, including the Risk Maturity Model and risk management and mitigation strategies. Helps learners assess the risk maturity of their organization and identify steps for improvement.

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Insider Threat - Base Price

Covers what insider threats are, the risk and impact they pose to business, the difference between negligent and malicious insider threats and how to recognize and prevent them.

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Malware Awareness - Base Price

Covers the impact of cybercrime on business and individuals, common types of malware, how computers get infected and how to protect against malware infections.

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Management of Change - Base Price

Covers what Management of Change (MOC) is, OSHA’s MOC requirements, MOC program cycle and barriers and best practices. Users will apply their new understanding of MOC in a scenario exercise.

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Maritime & Business Cybersecurity Bundled Course - Bundled Base Price

This bundle of courses cover both Maritime & Business Cybersecurity topics.

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Maritime Cybersecurity - Base Price

Covers the landscape of maritime cybersecurity, how to promote cyber safe operations and cybersecurity technical fundamentals

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Mechanical Integrity - Base Price

Provides an overview of the OSHA Process Safety Management regulation and the Mechanical Integrity element required by this regulation.

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Mobile Computing Awareness and Safety Course - Base Price

Covers the risks associated with mobile computing, types of cyber threats that can occur and how to better protect the network while working remotely

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Offshore Oil and Gas Regulations and Standards - Base Price

Provides an overview and comparison of different countries (U.S., Brazil, UK, Norway and Australia) Oil and Gas Regulations and their regulatory agencies, a brief history of offshore incidents, and key offshore regulatory approaches and concepts. Covers Regulatory Management Systems (RMS) and regulatory planning practices. Course also includes a downloadable offshore regulatory planning checklist.

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Process Hazard Analysis - Base Price

Covers what Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) is, its relationship to Process Safety Management (PSM) and basic concepts of risk. Provides an overview of PHA regulations and details that are most applicable to PHA team members.

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Process Safety Management - Base Price

Covers what Process Safety Management (PSM) is, the critical incidents that shaped the current practice and high-level descriptions of the major PSM frameworks. Provides an overview of the fourteen elements in the OSHA PSM standard.

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Reliability Centered Maintenance - Base Price

Our introductory Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) training presents the fundamental concepts and tools for RCM and for understanding preventive maintenance requirements and failure mitigation strategies.

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Reliability Management - Base Price

This course covers the fundamental concepts and tools for reliability management. The oversight and control of reliability activities is a management role. Reliability management enables the creation of a reliable product, service or system through the allocation of resources to enable the right activities and analysis.

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Root Cause Analysis (RCA) - Base Price

Covers what Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is and common RCA program problems and best practices. Introduces two RCA tools: ABS Group’s Task Triangle and the SOURCE Methodology Flowchart.

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Safe Web Browsing - Base Price

Covers the risks associated with web browsing, provides best practices for URL navigation and tips on how to secure your web browser

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Social Engineering Awareness and Prevention - Base Price

Covers what social engineering is, why it’s effective, different techniques used and how to recognize and prevent it.

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