Safety Culture Improvement (Cal/OSHA GISO 5189.1 Emphasis) C215

Participants in this 1-day course will learn proven techniques on how to effectively assess the existing safety culture at multiple organizational levels (e.g., unit, site, company) using carefully designed techniques that go beyond the traditional employee survey. The participants will then learn how to use the information from the assessment to affect safety culture improvement in the organization. The techniques taught in this course are intended to provide the basis needed to comply with Cal/OSHA's proposed requirements for process safety culture assessment (Process Safety Management for Petroleum Refineries, GISO 5189.1).

Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Professionals who support the health, safety, and environmental programs and are looking to improve safety performance (including process safety) through an improvement in the safety culture. 
  • This course will benefit Managers, Engineers and Safety Professionals.

What Will I Learn in This Course?

  • The direct relationship between culture and performance
  • Skills and techniques to effectively assess the safety culture
  • Proven tools to implement the results of the safety culture assessment
  • Continuous measurement for long-term improvement

Mr. Rick Curtis - Senior Risk Engineer, ABS Consulting