EPA RMP (40 CFR 68) Compliance/RMPlan Submission C104

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830 Corridor Park Blvd., Suite 100KnoxvilleTN$1,325.00
830 Corridor Park Blvd., Suite 100KnoxvilleTN$1,325.00

This 1-day course presents the significant revisions to EPA’s risk management program (RMP) rule (40 CFR 68) published in March 2024 and how these revisions could affect your prevention program, emergency response program, and risk management plan (RMPlan) submittals. Learn about the new chemical hazard information that will be required to be made available to the public. Learn the basic requirements for mandated hazard assessments (including offsite consequence analysis using RMP*Comp), prevention programs, emergency programs, and RMPlans, as well as enforcement initiatives such as EPA audits. Learn how to register and use EPA’s web-based RMP*eSubmit for preparing and certifying RMPlans.

Prerequisite(s): Students should attend Process Safety Management Compliance to learn about the prevention program requirements.

Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Anyone responsible for compliance with the requirements in EPA’s RMP rule (40 CFR 68)

What Will I Learn in This Course

  • How to determine the facility and process boundaries at your facility that may be subject to the RMP rule
  • What exemptions might apply to your transportation-related activities and storage/use of RMP-regulated substances
  • How to perform and document offsite consequence analyses (using RMP*Comp and MARPLOT) for mandated worst-case and alternative release scenarios
  • How to upgrade your OSHA process safety management program and emergency response program to meet EPA’s most current requirements (published in March 2024)
  • How to prepare for an EPA RMP audit
  • How to register as a Preparer and/or Certifier in EPA’s RMP*eSubmit online resource
  • How to submit an updated/corrected EPA RMPlan using EPA’s RMP*eSubmit
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes made when correcting and/or updating RMPlans
  • How to document your RMPlan information to facilitate EPA audits and make future submittals easier/more cost effective
  • 1.4 CEU, 1.4 COC, 2.34 CM, ABIH approval #10-219

Mr. Michael Roberts - Senior Engineer and Manager of Consequence Analysis, ABS Consulting