Resubmitting EPA RMPlans C105

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830 Corridor Park Blvd., Suite 100KnoxvilleTN$695.00

Learn how to evaluate and update your existing risk management plan (RMPlan) to comply with the 5-year resubmission requirements of EPA's risk management program (RMP) rule (40 CFR 68). This 1-day course provides expert guidance and proven techniques, developed by our engineers during many years of RMP compliance work, for assessing and updating RMPlans in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Those who have been given the responsibility of preparing and resubmitting/correcting a risk management plan (RMPlan) to meet the requirements of 40 CFR 68 for their facility
  • Anyone who needs to confirm that their facility or company has covered all regulatory responsibilities under 40 CFR 68 prior to resubmitting the RMPlan

What Will I Learn in This Course?

  • Learn the pitfalls and mistakes most commonly made when correcting and/or updating RMPlans
  • Receive an update on the most recent guidance provided by EPA on RMP rule requirements, interpretations, and resubmitting RMPlans
  • Receive guidance/tools that will help you efficiently and cost effectively update and submit your revised RMPlan
  • Gain experience in assessing/updating example RMPlans in an interactive workshop setting
  • Learn ways to maintain your RMPlan to make future resubmittals easier
  • 0.7 CEU, 0.7 COC, 1.17 CM, ABIH approval #10-220

Mr. Michael Roberts - Senior Engineer and Manager of Consequence Analysis Services, ABS Consulting

Mr. John Schaefer - Risk/Reliability Engineer, ABS Consulting