Business Cybersecurity Microlearning Videos


This bundle of 8 free videos highlights important cyber security threats.

Cybersecurity is important to government, military, corporate, financial, and medical organizations as they collect, process and store unprecedented amounts of data on computers and other devices. These videos explore a variety of topics, including how to recognize and protect against threats and attacks. Courses can be viewed for one year from date of purchase.


Screenshot: Malware Awareness Microlearning Screenshot: Effects of Malware Screenshot: Password Tips

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Name Description Duration
Malware Awareness Highlights different types of malicious software, ways computers become infected and how to protect against infection. 2 minutes
Safe Mobile Computing Highlights how to better protect mobile devices and networks when working remotely. 2 minutes
Negligent Insider Threats Highlights negligent behaviors that place the company at risk and how to prevent them. 2.5 minutes
Social Media Risks Highlights how social media is used by cybercriminals and what to do to protect ourselves and the company. 3 minutes
Phishing Emails Highlights what phishing is and how to recognize and protect against it. 2.5 minutes
Suspicious Emails Highlights how to recognize suspicious emails. 2.5 minutes
Strong Passwords Highlights common password mistakes and how to create strong passwords. 3 minutes
Safe Web Browsing Highlights risks of insecure web browsing and how to protect against them. 3.5 minutes