Combo: Process Hazard Analysis Leader and Dust Hazards Analysis C110/C110D

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5/6/2024 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST830 Corridor Park Blvd., Suite 100KnoxvilleTN$2,845.00

Price includes a combined course discount over the price of the individual courses.

This is a combined course of:

  • Process Hazard Analysis Leader
    Learn practical methods for performing process hazard analyses (PHAs) of systems, procedures, and computer software using the hazard and operability (HAZOPs), what if / what-if, and checklist analysis techniques that address federal regulatory requirements. Qualify as a "knowledgeable" PHA leader, as required by OSHA and EPA, and be eligible for certification as a PHA leader.

  • Dust Hazards Analysis
    Learn practical methods for performing dust hazard analyses (DHAs) of industrial facilities. NFPA 652 contains retroactive requirements for a DHA. Now, all existing systems are required to have a DHA, and the time limit to perform this analysis is three years from the date of issuance of the standard, October 2015.


Mr. John Schaefer - Risk/Reliability Engineer, ABS Consulting

Mr. Donald Lorenzo - Director, ABS Consulting Training Services - Professional Engineer (P.E.), Technical Trainer, ABS Consulting

Mr. David Whittle - Director of Process Safety Services, ABS Consulting

Mr. Thomas Williams - Senior Risk/Reliability Engineer, ABS Consulting