Business Cybersecurity Bundled Course

These business cybersecurity courses explore a variety of topics, including how to recognize, and protect against cyber threats and attacks. 

Bundle and Save! The Business Cybersecurity bundle sells for $300 (5 courses for a savings of $25.00). Courses can be viewed for one year from date of purchase. Certificate available upon completion of courses.

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Malware Awareness and Prevention

Covers the impact of cybercrime on business and individuals, common types of malware, how computers get infected and how to protect against malware infections.
Lesson 1: Impact of cybercrime 
Lesson 2: Different types of malware 
Lesson 3: How computers get infected 
Lesson 4: How to protect against malware

Duration: 20 minutes

Insider Threat Awareness and Prevention

Covers what insider threats are, the risk and impact they pose to business, the difference between negligent and malicious insider threats and how to recognize and prevent them.
Lesson 1: What is an insider threat? 
Lesson 2: What is a negligent insider? 
Lesson 3: What is a malicious insider?

Duration: 20 minutes

Social Engineering Awareness and Prevention

Covers what social engineering is, why it’s effective, different techniques used and how to recognize and prevent it.
Lesson 1: What is social engineering? 
Lesson 2: Psychology of social engineering 
Lesson 3: Social media risks 
Lesson 4: Online social engineering methods 
Lesson 5: Phone and in-person social engineering methods

Duration: 24 minutes

Mobile Computing Awareness and Safety

Covers the risks associated with mobile computing, types of cyber threats that can occur and how to better protect the network while working remotely
Lesson 1: Mobile computing benefits and threats 
Lesson 2: Public Wi-Fi risks, threats and best practices 
Lesson 3: Mobile communication device risks, threats and best practices 
Lesson 4: Bluetooth risks, threats and best practices 
Lesson 5: Signs of infection or compromise

Safe Web Browsing

Covers the risks associated with web browsing, provides best practices for URL navigation and tips on how to secure your web browser
Lesson 1: Internet and web browsing 
Lesson 2: Website cyber threats 
Lesson 3: Best practices for safe web browsing

Duration: 24 minutes