Advanced PHA Leader C111

Learn the tips, tricks, and secrets that professional analysts use to conduct efficient process hazard analyses (PHAs). Learn how to optimize process sections; conduct meetings; document work for review in regulatory, public, and legal forums; and analyze facility siting issues within the context of a PHA. These techniques include the Dow Fire and Explosion Index and the use of EPA-mandated hazard assessments in your PHAs. Previous experience leading HAZOPs, what if (what-if)/checklist analyses, and/or failure modes and effects analyses (FMEAs) is required. Previous attendance in the Process Hazard Analysis Leader course (or equivalent) is strongly recommended.

Combine this course with Revalidating Process Hazard Analyses and Management of Change and save!

Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Anyone needing to expand PHA skills with techniques such as the interaction matrix and the Dow Fire and Explosion Index

  • Anyone who wants to avoid endless variations of the same questions in PHA meetings, improve his/her strategy for defining nodes, elevate the thoroughness of PHAs to a new level, and learn how to expedite meetings and the resolution of action items

What Will I Learn in This Course?

  • Learn new techniques to improve your PHAs
  • Reduce the resources and time required for completing a high-quality PHA
  • Improve in PHA quality and be eligible for Process Safety Institute certification as an Advanced PHA Leader
  • Learn when and how to use a variety of techniques for identifying process hazards
  • Be a more dynamic team leader and be more effective in dealing with "problem" team members
  • 0.7 CEU, 0.7 COC, 1.17 CM, ABIH approval #10-223
Mr. Mark Taylor - Senior Risk/Reliability Engineer, ABS Consulting
Mr. William Bradshaw - Senior Risk/Reliability Engineer, ABS Consulting

Mr. David Whittle - Director of Process Safety Services, ABS Consulting